NICE, a fest Artist Profiles: Skylar Symone

Courtesy of NICE, a fest

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new series spotlighting the bands and artists playing this year’s NICE, a fest. With 49 live performances over three days and two venues — July 28 to 30 at Somerville’s Crystal Ballroom and The Rockwell — there’s a lot going on, but consider this your compass to the NICE-est weekend imaginable. Get ticket info here, and check out our continued coverage of the festival.

Skylar Symone

When and Where: Friday, July 29 at 8:45 p.m. at The Rockwell.

Band Bio: Boston-based musician Skylar Symone, backed by their band the Local Enigma, has always had an eye for the flamboyant and unusual. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Sky has grown up in the punk scene. While fronting a progressive metal band in college, they were tired of having their musical approach dismissed and their message stifled, so he started his own band. Through a mix of local house shows and queer skate collectives, he met band members Mae Flux, Syd Lane, Maddie Hensinger, and Nic Adam. This band gives them all the opportunity to prove that queercore music isn’t just for show; they have the skills and musical drive to back up their expressive showmanship.

Fun Fact: “One of our favorite places to perform is Lynch Skate Park and we love a good finger wag.”