NICE, a fest Artist Profiles: Evolfo

Via Bandcamp

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new series spotlighting the bands and artists playing this year’s NICE, a fest. With 49 live performances over three days and two venues — July 28 to 30 at Somerville’s Crystal Ballroom and The Rockwell — there’s a lot going on, but consider this your compass to the NICE-est weekend imaginable. Get ticket info here, and check out our continued coverage of the festival.


When and Where: Friday, July 29 at 9:30 p.m. at The Rockwell.

Band Bio: If the Brooklyn-based pysch rockers felt pressured to repeat the successes of their 2017 album Last of the Acid Cowboys, they certainly didn’t show it. One might think a band that racked up six-million-plus streams on their debut record would try to capitalize on this by doing more of the same. But when the seven members of Evolfo piled into the tiny, sweltering, attic-turned-recording studio of band leader Matt Gibbs’ Ditmas Park home, they intended to spring confidently forward into fresh sounds and more vivid conceptual subject matter. They have flipped the world of the Acid Cowboy on its head, departing the earth bound adventures in melting landscapes, rat cities, and desert sojourns for metaphysical territory and the mountains of the mind. On their brand new album Site Out of Mind, Evolfo reaches far beyond the confines of genre to create a colorful echo drenched psych rock dream all their own.

Fun Fact: “Evolfo is named after a rare Floridian toad coveted for its psychedelic properties. The toad is known by its Latin name as ‘Evolfo Bufonidae’. You can also add that it happens to spell ‘of love’ backward!”