babychaos raises major hell with vampy new anthem ‘Babylon’

Photo Credit: @ofloveandothertales_

It turns out babychaos can gyrate to the beat of anything — even to din of your judgmental whispers and furious keyboard mashing. She’s not telling you to shut your trap, either, because all that petty chatter fuels the hype around her new deal with Cleopatra Records, the label that released her new single and music video “Babylon” late last month (June 27).  

The Salem-raised model and artist crushes gossip under her chunky red platforms in her newest release, a vampy empowerment anthem for bold creatives and creatures of the night. Consider it a followup to her quip in “BITEBACK,” her 2021 collab with XANDER CROWLEY: “Say it to my face and the snakes in my hair.”

“‘Babylon’ is about the inevitable vilification of people living their authentic truth,” babychoas explains. “I’ve found that no matter what, people will project their inner wounds and fears into others no matter how morally good you may think you are.” 

After referencing the biblical Tower of Babel — or maybe just riffing on the similarities between “Babylon” and “babble on” — babychaos raises major hell in the tune’s accompanying music video, writhing in the gothic colors and couture popular in her witchy hometown. 

“My mom told me growing up that people are going to talk no matter what, so you may as well give them something to talk about,” she adds. ”This is exactly what that song is about, as it’s been such a prominent theme in my life. Learning to dance in your darkness, even at your loneliest is something that no one can take from you.”

Join the Xmortis-worthy dance party below.