Faun Flora drifts into a dreamlike state on ‘See You At The Funeral’

Photo Credit: Alyssa Jane

Faun Flora is helping us approach a difficult moment through a new lens of beauty and appreciation. The Phoenix artist recently unveiled her new single, a dream-pop synth lullaby titled “See You At The Funeral,” released October 29, and the atmospheric track explores the idea of death and relationships with the concept of funerals, and how we process them emotionally and mentally, as being a sort of rite of passage and portal to a more outer experience.

“Written in July 2020 and recorded in June 2021, ‘See You At The Funeral’ details the relationship between the listener and a loved one who they value dearly,” says Faun Flora. “The lyrics focus on death as a theme but with the bridge reinstating any love and relationship you experience exists beyond any life and dimension. The song shows more of an intimate side of my production, differing from the pop-based sound from the first EP In a Daze, by My Lonesome.” 

“See You At The Funeral” is a gorgeous track, dancing delicately, and with appropriate care and caress, over a very loaded topic. We’re excited to hear more from her in the future; in the meantime, drift away with her latest via Spotify or YouTube below.