Kaiti Jones slowdances through aching ‘Summer Nights’ on new single

Photo Credit: Alex Crawford

Kaiti Jones thinks — no, knows — when she has a special kind of hit on her hands.

When the Boston folk artist first penned her new tune “Summer Nights,” she slipped a note to Watertown producer Lake Saint Daniel: “pls help, I accidentally wrote a new addition to the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack,” as she recalls. The track might be too modern to appear alongside Alphaville’s “Forever Young,” but it still arrives just in time to hit the seasonal sweet spot between sultry summer melancholy and introspective fall isolation.

“Where are the good days / When I used to greet you at the door?” she sighs on the second verse. Is it a breakup haunting her? Or a pandemic? Maybe it doesn’t matter. Either way, “Summer Nights” is ripe and ready for picking listening.

Catch the new tune below, and hear it again later tonight when Jones’ performs at Club Passim with Lauren Balthrop.