BAMS Fest launches ‘Amplify the Soul’ digital performance series

Photo Credit: Olivia Jade Slaughter

The organizers behind the Boston Art & Music Soul Festival never pause — instead, they pivot. 

In lieu of an in-person festival this year, BAMS Fest has created a free digital performance series called Amplify the Soul, which launches next week (June 11). The Boston-centric series will debut a new pre-recorded performance every Friday through mid-August, aiming the spotlight at artists such as Najee Janey (pictured above), Amber Ais, Dreion, and Barefoot Chandy. Each 20-minute set airs at 8 p.m. via YouTube, with the exception of a double feature of Miranda Rae and Brandy Blaze on June 25.

At a time when many folks remain uneasy about attending crowded gatherings, Amplify The Soul presents the opportunity to uplift Boston art in way that’s still safe, accessible, and professional. Even the performances were organized with the utmost caution; each artist recorded their set in a private environment at Big Night Live this past spring.


“Amplify The Soul (ATS) is a summer-long digital music series focused on restoring Black joy, making connections, and building community for music lovers, culture seekers, and everyday people,” the BAMS Fest website explains. “Focused on sustaining Greater Boston’s Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities, Amplify The Soul series celebrates and represents a wide range of cultural diversity, and features weekly releases of pre-recorded music performances and sponsored digital activations in partnership with companies and organizations, who are committed to delivering and reigniting joy in our communities.”

Check out the full schedule below.

Amplify The Soul Summer 2021 Schedule
June 11: Danny Rivera, Jr.
June 18: Kaovanny
June 25: Miranda Rae and Brandie Blaze
July 2: Jon Hope
July 9: Jabz York
July 16: Barefoot Chandy
July 23: Amber Ais
July 30: Najee Janey
August 6: Tatiana Barbosa
August 13: Dreion