Keonte drops an ‘Automatic’ beat for the middle-aged millennial

Kimberly High PR

It’s hard to not get pulled into the world created by Keonte in his bumping new single “Automatic.” The Austin artist drops a vivacious electro-funk beat today (June 1), right when we’re all finally venturing back out into the world and ready to get close with one another; and like everything fit for 2021, it brings two distant worlds in together.

“Automatic” swirls with modern-day tension in its lyrics, but throws it back musically to the ’90s nightclubbing heyday when we all seemed a bit looser and freer. “Finishing the lyrics in the morning after a party — I thought about my generation, social themes, information — and how all of these things can affect the middle-aged millennial of today,” says Keonte.

Despite that heaviness, “Automatic” is purely fun as fuck, and it’s making us miss those packed, sweaty dance floors we lived in during the Before Times. They’ll be calling us back soon.