Annie Blackman channels a ‘Souvenir’ through a swirl of emotions

Photo Credit: Daniel Dorsa

There’s a gentle vulnerability coursing through “Souvenir,” the latest from New Jersey singer-songwriter Annie Blackman. Released today (May 11) through Father/Daughter Records as part of a series of singles, the acoustic number centers around a swirl of emotions lining a disconnect between Blackmon’s body and brain, and floats along like a relatable tale echoed by many others. The sparseness of the track allows Blackman’s reflective and personal lyricisms to hang on each delivery, giving the words the weight they deserve.

“I wrote ‘Souvenir’ several years ago after the first time I felt unlike myself after a sexual encounter,” says Blackman. “Throughout, I’m grappling with a disconnect between body and brain. In this song, a night comes and goes, and I’m working with limited proof that it ever even happened. A souvenir can be a feeling, physical or emotional, and I’ve always found them essential in processing an experience. Part of what I love about writing songs is that they become souvenirs eventually, too.”

This “Souvenir” is certainly a keeper, and we’re excited to see and hear what else Blackman has in store for 2021. Listen to the track below via its official music video, directed by Annie’s brother, William Blackman, and Katrina Peterson.