Haasan Barclay slips into a psychedelic spring with his video for ‘Curfews’


Haasan Barclay has changed his mind. Scratch the instructions of his last single, “Call My Phone” — the Boston multi-instrumentalist and producer now aches to quit quarantining and meet up with his lover in person. His newest tune “Curfews” elevates the amorous inclinations of his prior pandemic serenade, especially in its accompanying music video (released April 29). “Lust might seal my fate / From curfews of the state / Come or go or stay / We waste away,” Barclay sings against a backdrop of flower buds bursting with color. The vibrance of spring matches the song’s psychedelic sound, sure, but the parallels go deeper than that: “Curfews” sublimely illustrates that when nature is in full bloom, desire is too. Tune in below.