Airport affirm their arrival just when you need it most on ‘I Can Go’


No matter how you roll, and whilst living through a pandemic or not, we all need somebody by our side. Airport feel the same way, and today (April 16) the Boston pop-rock band drops a new single and video for “I Can Go” that affirms companionship is quite guaranteed.

“The sentiment of the tune is really more of a metaphor,” Airport’s air traffic controller Craig Small tells Vanyaland. “As in: I can go with whatever you need me to go with. I’m with you. I got you. For the video, we tried to have fun with a literal take on the ‘go’ part. It was just fun, and stupid, but mostly fun. Video editing is a new fresh hell, but very satisfying when it’s all done.”

The single cruises along at just the right altitude, hitting a sweet spot of ’70s-kissed blues rock and prog-pop, and wouldn’t sound out of place on a summer playlist alongside “Eye In The Sky” or “Layla.” The basics of “I Can Go” were first laid down at Revolution Sound Studio in Charlestown, but the pandemic forced Airport to disperse to their own terminals, and the track was reached its destination through digital transmissions.


“We’ve really embraced remote recording over the past year and have had a surprisingly productive 12 months, so we ended up finishing tracking remotely,” Small adds. “I’d compile and arrange the tracks that the guys would send and just build as we go. Airport tunes have a lot of vocals, and it’s intense to record them, but 2020’s “Ponderosa Pines” plus our “Breakfast In America” cover really gave us confidence to take on recording them remotely. The past year has been a huge bummer gig-wise, and not being able to really hang out with bandmates just sucks, but I feel good about how we used this time and I’m grateful for the opportunity to stay busy.”

Airport have about an album’s worth of tunes currently in progress on the production tarmac, and a steady stream of singles is planned as we navigate through 2021, with an album arriving later in the year. In the meantime, take off with “I Can Go” below.