Boston Thriving: The Prefab Messiahs soundtrack a trip on ‘Riverdale’

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Editor’s Note: “Boston Thriving” is a new series from Vanyaland highlighting and honoring the national and global success of Boston- and New England-based bands and artists.

Over the past 40 years around New England and beyond, The Prefab Messiahs have been known to trip out a bit. This Wednesday (March 31), the DIY garage-pop-psych provocateurs will align with fate and soundtrack a hallucination sequence on the mid-season finale of The CW’s long-running teen drama Riverdale.

Word on the street is that the band’s appropriately trippy 2018 track “Gellow Mold” will be heard while one of Riverdale’s core characters loses his, her, or their mind. “We’re pretty pleased about that aspect,” Kris Thompson tells Vanyaland.

The episode is called “The Pincushion Man” (season 5, episode 10), and airs Wednesday (March 31) at 8 p.m. EDT; it’ll be available for streaming the next day on CWtv.com. The Prefab Messiahs scored the spot through Glow Music Group, which specializes in television music placements.

This week’s national TV broadcast is just the start of the band’s busy 2021. The Prefab Messiahs are celebrating their 40th year as a band — first gig: November ’81 — and are set to release a new album called Music for Concerned Citizens, due around June.