Sasha and the Valentines strike a new wave pose on ‘Don’t You Love Me’

Photo Credit: JB Bergin

Last month we got reacquainted with Sasha and the Valentines, the UMass Amherst-born, Austin-based band who twirled a new-retro dream-pop lounge act around our broken little hearts just when we needed it most. Today (March 23), they’re back with a casual lean into new wave romanticism with “Don’t You Love Me,” the final table-setter single from their forthcoming album So You Think You Found Love, due April 16 via Oof Records.

The single is brought to visual life though an engaging video produced by Lemon St. Pictures and Sasha and the Valentines, directed by Lucy Owens and Vincent Piccirilli. It’s real.

“The video for ‘Don’t You Love Me’ is a person’s inner monologue to their partner through song and dance,” says vocalist Sarah Addi. “Sometimes when we argue with our partners the words don’t always come out right or we choose to bury our emotions and not say what we really mean. The video is a fictional performance of that dance you do in your bedroom to your favorite love anthem; honest, free emotion, without holding back.”

She adds: “I wanted to visualize something that incorporated elements of the Footloose warehouse dance scene and Euphoria-style coloring. The song itself came from exploring that idea of ’80s melodrama and desperation; I tried to capture that drama in the lyric ‘Cause being alone has got me terrified’.”

Flash your eyes across its color below, and start counting down to what should be a pretty wonderful LP.