The Last Show: RAGS AND RICHES at Sticky Lips BBQ in Rochester

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Editor’s Note: Welcome to The Last Show, a new Vanyaland series where we talk to performers about their last traditional live appearance before the pandemic hit. As we slowly make our way out of this mess, and a return to stages appears to be coming (eventually), here are the stories of bands, artists, comedians and others who performed their last live gig in front of an audience around this time last year. These are their shows, their stories, their memories.


Vanyaland: When and where was your last show before the pandemic?

Our last show was March 7, 2020 at Sticky Lips BBQ in Rochester, New York.


Who else was on the bill?

It was actually only us on this particular show playing for a two-hour set.

What was notable about the show?


People were slightly spread out all over the room, even though lockdown or capacity wasn’t set yet.

What do you remember the most about the show?

Two things stood out on that night: There was a family of seven sitting practically on the stage with us. Also, it was pretty empty on a Saturday night and the owner saying, “We are normally completely full upstairs and down.”

If someone told you live music would be going away for at least the next year, what would you have thought?


I probably would have broken down on stage and cried. It was difficult enough knowing we had cancelled the remainder of our tour.

If someone told you live music would be going away for at least the next year, what would you have done differently?

I would have treasured every moment of that night much more. It is so easy to take those times for granted.

What do you have coming up or coming out:


We have a new single and music video releasing at the end of April and tons of other releases this year. In fact, this will be the most material we have released in a single year.

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