Meg Myers sends regards from ‘The Underground’ in animated new visual

Photo Credit: Mike Anderson

Last fall, when Meg Myers threw down an anthemic alt-pop gauntlet of a jam called “Any Way You Wanna Love,” we immediately placed it in our brainspace’s Best of 2020 folder; and it deservedly showed up in our year-end coverage a few months later. We took a break from rounding up the year’s best videos in 2020, but if the December feature returns once 2021 has breathed its last gasp, then Myers’ new visual for “The Underground” should rise up towards the top of the list.

Myers dropped the video today (March 11), and the haunting dynamics at play in the track are brought to vivid and engrossing life courtesy of the talents Portland-based director, writer, and animator Mike Anderson. It’s no coincidence the nature-driven clip — playing on the duality of life — arrives on the first day of 2021 that actually feels like spring. But with all things Meg Myers, there’s more going on than what immediately meets the ear and eye.

“‘The Underground’ was inspired at a dark time in my life,” says Myers. “It considers the consequences of our free will. Our light and dark aspects fight for control of our decisions, and lead us to positive or negative realities. It’s ultimate message is ‘it’s all a choice!’”


“The Underground” is featured on Myers’ double-EP release, Thank U 4 Taking Me To 2 The Disco and I’d Like 2 Go Home Now, and both are available to stream, buy, and behold via Sumerian Records. The Los Angeles artist also recent launched a Patreon page to showcase her music, writing, and visual art, with monthly livestreams, behind-the-scenes content, personalized messages, and more goods from the unique and always enveloping world of Meg Myers. Get into “The Underground” below.