James detail 16th studio album ‘All The Colours Of You’

Photo Credit: Laura Toomer

The mighty James will return in 2021 with their 16th studio album. It’s called All The Colours Of You, it’s out June 4 via Virgin Music Label & Artist Services, and it’s lead by the soaring title track, which dropped this week (March 1). The new record is the enduring Manchester band’s follow-up to 2018 album Living in Extraordinary Times, and continues frontman and lyricist Tim Booth’s stark social and political observations of American issues from his residential view of Los Angeles.

“A polaroid of COVID lockdown during a civil rights revolution in America,” the forever eloquent Booth says of the title track. “The Proud Boys and other white terror organizations are an updated version of the Klan. ‘Your white robes showing through’; I wrote the ‘coup coup coup coup’ lyric six months before the coup attempt.”

All The Colours Of You, produced by Jacknife Lee, was started before the pandemic era, then completed remotely with Lee and Booth in LA and the band back in England. “With all the shit that went down in 2020 this was a miraculous conception and another big jump forward for us on the back of the last three albums,” Booth says. “I hope it reflects the colors of these crazy times. Sweet 16 is a proper album, no fillers and is up there with our best.”


Listen to the feverish All The Colours Of You title track below.