Jiles gets down in the grime to serve up ‘Free Lunch’


It’s Friday, and we’re all hungry; so head down to Brockton — Jiles is serving up “Free Lunch.” The Van Buren rapper dropped his latest visual this week, pulling the closing track from the deluxe edition of last fall’s breakout It’s Not Muchbut It’s Mine mixtape and draping it against his city’s backdrops, barbershops, and overnight counts in the kitchen. Directed by Simon Morrison with cinematography by Daymian Mejia, “Free Lunch” continues to push Jiles’ aesthetic of authenticity and realism; the clip packs a lot in 118 seconds, but Jiles get to the point fast as a low-end trap beat barrels forward, the type of track you roll back to the start as soon as it’s done. There’s an abundance of bars to pullquote here in such a short amount of time, especially the hypnotic, eyes-rolled-back chorus, but this one stick out with smooth repeatability: “Waiting on a Black to pull the trigger / I was down bad had to lean on me like Bill Withers / Was an OutKast / Type work getting stashed in the brown bag / Homies’ baby mama washed up like a Maytag.” Get your fix below.