Maria Mena channels heartbreak into personal growth on ‘You Broke Me’

Photo Credit: Morgan Norman

Sunday is Valentine’s Day, but if you’re not feeling the fuck out of that brand of Hallmark holiday, Maria Mena comes through with a new alt-pop anthem that channels heartbreak and sorrow in helping the listener heal some old woulds. The Norwegian pop singer dropped a lyric video for her fresh single “You Broke Me” this week, and well, it’s probably better served for Saturday’s National Breakup Day than Sunday’s Valentine’s Day.

The cinematic track comes from Mena’s October 2020 album They Never Leave Their Wives, an album rooted in personal setbacks and relationship tragedy (which you can likely glean from the bold title). “You Broke Me” furthers the theme, and and shines through as an empowering tale of moving on and never looking back.

Mena says that ‘You Broke Me’ is a song about being completely broken after yet another relationship gone bad.” She adds: “My nativity was gone. I, the one who has always believed in love and a ‘happy ending’, felt that I had used up my ability to experience true love ever again.” 


It’s a universal thuth that we can all relate to, no matter what faux holiday is lurking on the calendar. Listen to “You Broke Me” below, and prepare to move on under your own terms.