DECOUPLR confront life’s ‘Changes’ with vivid electronic-pop color


We’ve long admired the diverse crop of electronic-pop coming out of Philadelphia lately, which seems to have a certain sound for each of our many moods. Approaching next on our radar is DECOUPLR, the duo of Bailey Walker and Adam Laub who recently dropped a colorful video for new single “Changes,” and it serves as the last bit of sonic seduction before the arrival of February 19’s debut album Digital Bonfire.

Aligned with our slowly growing feelings of positivity as we leave the previous year behind, “Changes” is a vivid electronic-pop tune that spins a fresh cocktail of breaks, trip-hop, electronica, and soul. It fits into our current mindset of feeling a glimmer of hope as we emerge out of some pretty dark times.

“‘Changes’ is a sleepy dance anthem about wishing things were different,” says Walker. “It’s enjoying that beginning of the year upbeat feeling while leaving behind a rather dreadful 2020.”


The single lands with an appropriately colorful new video of trippy visuals and sketch art from visual design team SUPERVOID.tv. Says Laub: “We were extremely excited to get to work with SUPERVOID.tv… They are great friends and insanely talented visual artists. It was incredible to see what they were able to do with just some simple footage of us sitting near a tree.”

Dive in below.