chickpee honors her parents from afar with the tender ‘Two Trees’

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The pandemic age has wreaked havoc on our lives in so many ways, but one of the issues most of us are still facing after nearly a year, and one that doesn’t seem to be getting enough attention around the world, is that we’ve all been distanced, quite literally, from our parents and extended family. The 2020 holidays felt emptier than in years past, and all of life’s moments we share with our loved ones have been relegated to Zooms, digital messaging, and phone calls.

The new single from chickpee touches on this, ever so gently; “Two Trees” is a tender ballad about her love for her parents, a swirl of delicate emotion inspired by the fact that the Italian artist born Chiara D’Anzieri has been stranded in the United States with her husband, songwriter Ron Gallo, during the pandemic. The distance between chickpee and her parents has intensified the feelings of nostalgia a lot of us are currently experiencing.

“With this song, I wanted to celebrate my parents love and the incredible example they’ve been for me since I’ve been unable to see them in over a year,” says chickpee. “Now that I am stuck in the U.S and I cannot go to see them in my home country, Italy, I need to put them in my art and not only keep them in my heart.”

She adds: “I wrote this song in a couple of hours, the melody just popped up in my mind right after I finished a vocal track for another song that it’s gonna be in the record. Ron (Gallo), my husband, felt asleep on the floor in our home studio and when he woke up the song was there, ready to go. Couple of days after Dom Billet recorded drums on it and Eric Slick marimba and the magic was complete.”

The record she speaks of is her debut album, IMPORTED, due for release later this year.