Miranda Rae sparkles under her own slice of ‘Moonlight’

Photo Credit: @avivaciousgem

Miranda Rae has a knack for transforming a slice of moonlight into a full-on spotlight.

The Boston R&B singer commands attention from her comfort zone on her new track “Moonlight,” an away-from-the-pressure ode to owning your identity. “Moonlight,” which dropped today (January 15), features Los Angeles singer Durand Bernarr, who Rae discovered on YouTube.

“I came across his post on his Instagram feed saying that if you’re an artist that has a song that makes him dance, he would like to collab,” she tells Vanyaland. Coincidentally, Rae was looking also to add a feature to “Moonlight.” The stars aligned and the final form of the song was born shortly thereafter.

“When he responded we knew that he would bring the proper color and textures that the song needed,” she adds. “The way he sings is captivating and he is perfect for a song about liberation and loving yourself.”

Smooth as silk bedsheets, but self-assured as an aggressive rap banger, Rae finds an inviting sense of equilibrium and personal peace on the track as she croons from her happy place: On the beach, after dark, wine in hand. “Moonlight” isn’t a form of fantasy-based escapism; instead, it’s a toast to carving out the stress-free space you need and deserve. “Take me to a place where I can be me / the stars will guide the way / they’ll see me clearly,” Rae sings, painting a glimmering vision of freedom.

“’Moonlight’ was inspired by moments where I struggled with my sense of identity,” she adds. “The song is essentially about how society puts us into a box whether it’s race, sexual orientation, how you look, etc. At the end of the day, you’re your own person and individual. No one has a right to place any standards or expectations on you. Sometimes you feel safest when you’re by yourself and free of judgement. My safe space is on the beach, underneath the moonlight, and cheap wine is a strong plus but isn’t a necessity. When people listen to this song, I want them to feel free of their inhibitions, insecurities, and get lost in music.”

Join Rae after sunset to chase the “Moonlight” below.