Crocodiles spread a 2020 brand of holiday cheer with ‘Christmas In Hell’

Photo Credit: Nikki Zeng

Hey look, we don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves here, seeing that it’s only December 7 and all, but there already seems to be quite a few memorable Christmas songs making the streaming rounds this holiday season. It kinda makes sense, with everyone both trapped at home and most feeling a deep desire to share some holiday cheer after a year pretty much spent in never-ending misery.

Of course, not all holiday tunes are meant to be jolly and bright, and Crocodiles are back to remind us that yes, it’s Christmas, and yes, this year has been all sorts of miserable. Not that we needed a reminder of either, but it’s always fun when two things becomes one. With “Christmas in Hell,” the San Diego-born guitar-rock duo touch on all the hot topics of 2020 — mom’s in the hospital, dad’s out of a job, fascists stare back at you from your television, and, as Jarvis Cocker warned us so many years ago, the world is still run by cunts.

“The world needed a Christmas song reflective of the total shittiness of 2020 so last week we decided to write one,” says Crocodiles’ Brandon Welchez. “We recorded it immediately via email and shot the video in our respective apartments under Kate Clover’s direction. Hopefully it makes your holiday season slightly less shitty.” 


The music certainly helps. There’s no fantastical escapism here, so saddle up, pour that glass of Bailey’s, and embrace this “Christmas in Hell” meant to be spent together, alone, from a distance and with the world on fire, 2020 style.