Bill Janovitz brings ‘Quarantine Happy Hour’ to Thanksgiving Eve

Photo Credit: John Hutchings for Vanyaland

In the spirit of the holiday, here’s a terrible joke we just made up: What’s the worst thing you can bring to a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Buffalo Tom?

“Soda, jerk.”

Woof. Of course, Buffalo Tom aren’t hosting any such dinner this year, but frontman Bill Janovitz is keeping the stay-at-home masses entertained with a special livestream set this Wednesday (November 25) at 4:45 p.m. EST. The Bill Janovitz & Family Quarantine Happy Hour brings his lockdown-long Virtual Happy Hour Series to Thanksgiving Eve, and in the process looks to raise some coin for the Greater Boston Food Bank. The stream will broadcast live via Buffalo Tom’s Facebook page, and there’s an $8.99 access fee.


“For those of you outside the U.S., this will be just another Wednesday afternoon/eve/night or Thursday morn,” says Janovitz. “But here it will be a we’ll-have-to-muddle-through holiday.”

With the usual Thanksgiving Eve traditions off the table this year (hitting the bars in your sleepy hometown, accidentally bumping into former lovers at the liquor store, avoiding certain relatives in the living room), Janovitz’s set should be quite fulfilling. Hit the links above for more info, or feast your eyes on the quite-excellent Daykamp Creative flyer below.

And leave that soda in the fridge. Jerk.