Babygirl are on the wrong end of the crush spectrum on ‘Easy’

Photo Credit: Becca Hamel

Falling in love is awesome — until it’s not. For Toronto pop-rock duo Babygirl, developing feelings for another person and navigating that path forward can be tricky, especially if the affection isn’t reciprocated. That’s at play in Kirsten ‘Kiki’ Frances and Cameron Breithaupt’s new single “Easy,” which dropped this past Friday (October 23) with a video treatment directed by Dylan Mitro.

And anything that manages to rhyme “existential dread” with “breakfast in bed” gets our vote as we attempt to wrap up this miserable 2020.

“’Easy’ is written from the perspective of a person on the wrong side of an unrequited crush,” says Babygirl. “It’s about how attractive unavailability can be. Especially if it’s kind of what we think we deserve.”

Babygirl have a crush on you, so be sure to show some love back and get into the best song titled “Easy” since Lionel Richie and The Commodores took care of our Sundays back in the late-’70s.