Nykki reminds us to appreciate the loves we have on ‘Home To You’

Via Kartel Music Group

When we were out in Prague last fall, back when international travel was actually a thing, we were taken aback by how prevalent dance-pop was across the city. Part of that culture is Nykki, a rising Czech alt-pop singer who this week unveils a rom-com-inspired visual for her magnetic bop “Home To You.”

The track itself is sun-kissed with Nykki’s vibrant splashes of pop, and just might carry us through the gloomy weather late autumn usually brings both Boston and Prague. “In light of the recent challenges we have all been going through, coming out with such an uplifting song seemed like the right thing to do,” Nykki says.

Lyrically, the singer says “Home To You” is all “about falling in love in restless times… drawing from my own personal experience, I wanted to tell the story of a great first love, one in which despite being far away, with other people coming between and with doubts and insecurities creeping in, you realize that what you already have is more than enough.”


In times like these, it’s good to appreciate what we have — and where we’ve been. Get to know Nykki below. ”