The Shang Hi Los swirl around a retro-pop bop on ‘Sway Little Player’


A common refrain in 2020 is that we’d all be better off hopping in a time machine and going back to living at any point over the past 60 years. If that opportunity was ever presented to us, perhaps we’d take along The Shang Hi Los new single “Sway Little Player”, which should help our time-traveling selves get immediately acclimated to whichever scene of yesterday we land in.

A Boston supergroup starring members of The Dents, The Downbeat 5, Watts, The Neighborhoods, Eddie Japan, Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents, and others, The Shang Hi Los formed last year before all hell broke loose, dedicated to “writing three-minute, pop-and-harmony infused rock-n-roll, drawing on their shared love of ’60s girl-groups, ’70s punk and glam, ’80s new wave, and ’90s indie,” according to their label, Rum Bar Records. Now that’s range.

The first groovy sonic cocktail offered up by the quartet is “Sway Little Player”, a boy/girl call-back retro-pop jam recorded over our just-completed quarantine summer. A debut EP is expected later this year, and we know this will sound twice as nice spinning atop your trusty record player at home.


Dive in.