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Meg Myers throws down an alt-pop gauntlet with ‘Any Way You Wanna Love’

Via Artist

We’ve long been pretty sweet on Meg Myers, and were thrilled to see her rousing cover of Kate Bush’s 1985 modern rock classic “Running Up That Hill” give the Los Angeles singer-songwriter the glow-up she deserves. Today (September 30), Myers follows up her cover with a riveting track of her own in “Any Way You Wanna Love,” and on the first few listens the anthemic alt-pop jammer feels like a Song of the Year contender.

“Any Way You Wanna Love” also marks the start of a new era for Myers, as on November 13 she’ll unveil a pair of companion EPs, Thank U 4 Taking Me To 2 The Disco and I’d Like 2 Go Home Now. Both will be released by Sumerian Records, and pre-orders are now live.

“I’ve been going back and forth for a while now on whether or not I should release these two bodies of work,” says Myers. “There is a lot of pain and suffering in these songs, but also a lot of hope and healing, as I feel the majority of my music has always encompassed. If I was releasing a book, I would publish the entire book from beginning to end, otherwise how would the reader truly be able to appreciate and receive the wisdom in the magic that begins to unfold in Chapter 11 unless they have first digested the depth of the heartache that was experienced prior. Well, that is how I am viewing these EPs. As an important part of my beautiful crazy healing human experience journey that led me to my spiritual awakening…”


It sounds like an intriguing body of work, 10 songs spread out over two separate releases, and the mood begins with the impassioned fury of “Any Way You Wanna Love.” You can hear pieces of Bush that Myers has now carried forth with her, and we’re catching some Lady Gaga and Bonnie Tyler vibes swirling around this dramatic new track.

Myers breaks it down like this: “My song ‘Any Way You Wanna Love’ is about waking up to the divinity within each and every one of us and stepping into our power as sovereign beings. No more making ourselves small by repeating patterns that have been passed down to us. It’s time to heal our ancestral lineage. I believe we are all connected through love and that we all have unique gifts and abilities and it’s important for us to learn how to get present and tune into what our bodies are trying to tell us and express this truth in our hearts in order to liberate ourselves and consciously evolve.”

Dive in.