Dante Elephante drops a little bit of that sweet ‘E-Motion’

Via artist

Everybody loves a little bit of that sweet emotion. Our elders loved it when Aerosmith gave it to them 45 years ago, and we all bopped ’til we dropped when Carly Rae Jepson used it to sugar-shower glittery pop saccharine all over our dumb faces in 2015. Now, Dante Elephante arrives with a beat and a treat to deliver his own type of “E-motion.” And we can’t stay still any longer.

The latest from the musical persona of Santa Barbara-based Ruben Zarate, “E-motion” is a feel-good disco-pop jam released at a time when feeling good is against the law and strongly discouraged. But we all need a little bit of that self-care action to help get us through, so as Dante Elephante begin to put the cuffs on the world’s delicate soft wrists, we can’t help but break out into a dance routine. Flick it until you lick it, someone wise once said (probably).

“‘E-Motion’ was written when I moved back to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles in 2017,” Sir Elephante tells Vanyaland. “I had reconnected with an old friend who walked into my job. We went to art museums and music festivals together and really found any excuse to leave Santa Barbara and get away with each other.”


A friend in need is a friend indeed. Kickstart the weekend with “E-motion” below, and allow yourself to warm up your inevitably frigid winter with Dante Elephante’s forthcoming new album Mid Century Modern Romance, which drops January 18 via Born Losers Records (yeah, that label).