Total Rubbish blaze n’ glaze a fuzzed-out trail on debut jam ‘Honey Ryder’

Photo Credit: Caro Ramirez

Born Losers Records is on a winning streak. One week after unleashing the beloved Korine’s AOTY contender in The Night We Raise, the Philadelphia label keeps it within both the confines of city limits and unlimited heights with Total Rubbish’s debut track “Honey Ryder.”

Out today (September 11), the first offering from the Philly vintage-rock trio of Bre Steinfeldt (bass), Cass Nguyen (guitar), and Kiki Schiller (drums) is a nice introduction of their fuzzed out, surf-skull sound. Honey Ryder take cues both sonic and chronic from noisemakers like The Dandy Warhols and Velvet Underground as well as “the first babe in a long line of babes — Honey Ryder, the first-ever ‘Bond Girl’ from 1962’s Dr. No,” according to the label.

We’re already shaken and stirred.


Total Rubbish also find their sound and creative vision inspired by “disappointing relationships, new beginnings, odd-end jobs, and their Chicago & California garage rock roots,” and we can’t wait to hear more once “Honey Ryder” is done glazing our musical taste buds. They just signed to Born Losers Records a few months back, as the pandemic was starting to take hold, and their debut EP Triple Negative hits November 20.   

Hop on board below, with the Spotify stream or the Caro Ramirez-directed video.