Shuffalo light up the dark with a crispy summer jam called ‘Whispers’

Via band

Maybe it’s the calendar making awkward eye-contact, or maybe it’s just those last day of August v~i~b~e~s, but we’re suddenly a bit panicked over Summer 2020 packing up and going home before it ever really unpacked and arrived to begin with. So for this Monday (August 31), at least, we’re clinging to bouncy, groove-fueled tunes, and the latest on our pink-V playlist comes from Shuffalo.

The Calgary pop-rock act follow up their June single “Stay On Me” with a seductively smooth banger called “Whispers”, and it’s hot enough to scream about.

“An ode to the darkness, it’s made for dancing and singing along to on summer nights,” Shuffalo say. “What happens in the dark isn’t always bad. It can be a great opportunity to socialize, ruminate, hide, and love. After all… there is no light without the dark.”

Shuffalo also tell us this new crispy jam takes inspiration from “coal plants and the search for meaning,” so they “recognize that times aren’t necessarily easy right now. If we can turn even one person’s day with ‘Whispers’ inciting a smile, we’ve done our jobs.”

Dive in.