Sal Vulcano is eager to embrace the challenges of a drive-in comedy show

Via Artist

Is it a sold-out “crowd” if the crowd consists of people in their cars? Would that make it a sold-out “lot”? Whatever it is, Sal Vulcano is itching to get back on stage to perform for it.

When the Impractical Jokers star takes the stage at Yarmouth Drive-In on Saturday (August 22), it will effectively end his six-month hiatus from the headlining slot. While he admits to being initially hesitant to participate in the new format for a few different reasons, the more Vulcano thought about it, the more those reasons became the very reasons why he can’t wait to explore the largely uncharted territory.

“I miss being on stage and it has to start at some point. [Massachusetts] has never been anything but an amazing crowd and I want the challenge and experience of a drive-in show,” Vulcano tells Vanyaland. “I’m excited to be a part of this time in history and work through the challenges to safely bring people entertainment. It’s important, I truly believe that. And the rent was due.”


Now, while Vulcano’s yearning to return to the stage has him pumped for his trek to the Cape this weekend, he’s also not shying away from being realistic about it. Taking into account the lack of stage time, having only done five shorter spots since returning, whereas he would hit the stage that much on any given weeknight before the “new normal,” Vulcano is hoping that his material is still fresh and fun for everyone, himself included.

But if it starts to go south, he’s got a backup plan.

“This will be the longest break in my career in comedy without performing. It is for all comics, I assume. Everyone has the same exact statistic now,” says Vulcano. “I’m hoping my own material will be fresh and fun because I miss it so much. I am also hoping I remember it. If not, I’ve googled some really fun license plate games I can play with the audience.”


With the hiatus comes the challenge of needing to readjust a bit, and it’s Vulcano’s hope that it won’t be too hard to shake off the rust once he’s throwing down on stage. But even if it proves more of a challenge than he thought, the Staten Island native is looking forward to facing that challenge head-on and taking it all in stride.

“Will I remember every single story and joke to the letter? Probably not. But I’ll make sure to mock myself on stage unmercifully if that happens. So, win-win,” says Vulcano. “Unless it keeps happening. That’s a very, very big lose-lose. It’s like when they do television live. Everyone tunes in hoping they see actors mess up.”

After spending half of 2020 away from the stage in every capacity, Vulcano is only looking to bring a good time to the Cape, as he’s pledging to leave politics at the gate. That doesn’t mean he won’t address his experiences in quarantine here and there, as he feels he kind of needs to given the circumstances, but he’s really just looking to use his return to Massachusetts to provide everyone with a memorable escape from the madness for at least a little while.

“I can’t wait to connect with the lovely people who support me and just laugh together,” says Vulcano. “It’s all I ever want to do and it’s been too damn long.”


SAL VULCANO :: Saturday, August 22 at Yarmouth Drive-In, 669 Route 28 in West Yarmouth, MA :: 8 p.m. :: Sold Out :: Event Page