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Talking Violet shine through dream-pop escapism on ‘Indigo’

Photo Credit: Lourdes R. Lasala

It’s not a stretch to suggest that music has been one of the more trusted means of mental escape as we slowly traverse through 2020. Music has always had a transportive quality, drawing our moods and emotions to a better place as our physical being dwells into the deeper end of reality. Shoegaze and dream-pop are often the catalyst in this modern-day escapism, and Windsor, Ontario’s Talking Violet have pulled the latest lever with their gorgeous new single “Indigo”.

“Growing up, I used to make little mental lists in my mind of things that I had heard people say, or moments in time that had certain feelings that I never wanted to forget,” says guitarist/vocalist Jill Goyeau. “Kind of like verbal ‘affirmations’ that happened in real time, when I thought to myself, ‘I want to remember this forever.’ ‘Indigo’ is trusting these moments and my intuition and allowing myself to lean into that experience of clarity and personal reassurance — even if it ends up only being temporary.”

Sounds like a practice we could all use right now. Immerse yourself inside the shimmer and shine of “Indigo” with the VHS-style music video, produced by Justin Meli and directed by Lordes R. Lasala, below.