Krill members unite to form new band Knot, announce debut album


It’s news that could make a grown Bostonian tear up: After their breakup in 2015, Krill have united to form a new group called Knot.

The Brooklyn-based band features all three “final” members of the beloved Boston garage rock outfit, plus Joe DeManuelle-Hall on guitar. Knot already have a debut self-titled LP ready to drop on August 28 via Exploding in Sound, and their first track “Foam” arrived today (July 8).

The record is available to pre-order here, and Knot has pledged to donate the first $1,000 of all digital sale proceeds through their Bandcamp page to Survived and Punished.


Speaking on the new dynamic of Knot, singer and guitarist Jonah Furman (former Krill bassist and vocalist) says, “These songs are vaguely about deciding whether or not to have kids, whereas Krill songs were vaguely about deciding what to do with your life.”

He adds: “In general, I think the project was less masterminded than Krill, and more open to itself becoming whatever it might become… I think that’s felt, in some way, in the actual music, but hard to articulate.”

Let the music do the talking and tune into the freeform feel of “Foam” below.