Go ahead and call the KOPPS because it’s an ‘U.G.L.Y.’ world out there

Photo Credit: Evyn Morgan

No one needs us to confirm that the world is a dirty, nasty place under all those social media filters, and countless hours spent doom scrolling on lockdown has done little to instill ourselves with self-confidence as we see two sides of society: Those who are struggling and those (still, somehow) living their best life. KOPPS want to turn these vibes inside out and on its pretty little filtered head, crashing the dance floor with a satirical look at American superficiality and a celebration of all our imperfections.

It’s all encapsulated in the Rochester project’s batshit bonkers new single “U.G.L.Y.,” which we’re serving up on a gussied-up platter a day before its official release on Thursday (July 8). From the opening electro thump and the bass line that snakes around your smartphone, “U.G.L.Y.” is the glitzy, self-aware club anthem we need in this time of endless quarantine.

“In a time where we are completely obsessed with the aesthetically pleasing, ‘U.G.L.Y.’ head butts the notion that you need to be perfect just to have a good time,” says KOPPS’ Patricia Patrón. “On the contrary, ‘U.G.L.Y.’ is a song that pokes fun at over the top, manufactured beauty, and celebrates personal ‘imperfections’ as a real part of having fun while being your truest self.”

The electro-funk buzzsaw is a hall-of-mirrors funhouse of a banger, produced by Alan Wilkis, and the selfies taken on this bizzar-o ride have absolutely nothing to answer for. It’s a celebration.

“With everything that’s happening in the world right now, we hope that this song offers a few minutes of relief and points you to self-acceptance,” Patrón adds. “Time to stock up on lemons!”

We’re excited to see what Tik Tok dances this jammer will inevitably inspire. Get down with KOPPS’ beautifully “U.G.L.Y.” sound below, and stay tuned for the trio’s forthcoming EP, KOPYRIGHT, out later this year. Maybe by then we’ll be allowed outside again.