Sneaker Club color the past with 2020 alt-pop vision on ‘Seventeen’

Photo Credit: Becca Hamel

If you’re like us, you’ve done a lot of reflecting during this quarantine. And it makes sense; the present is fraught with fears and dangers, while the future is… well, let’s just call it uncertain. But the memories of the past are something that still kinda makes sense, even if we’re appreciating those times differently than when they actually happened, and that type of look-back is at play in Sneaker Club’s wildly infectious new single “Seventeen.”

The Ontario alt-pop crew dropped the sun-soaked track a few days ago, and allow us to filmy enter it into those unofficial Song of the Summer sweepstakes.

“When I wrote ‘Seventeen,’ I was reflecting on my high school experiences, thinking about how every little thing that happened at that age seemed so important,” says Sneaker Club guitarist/vocalist Dan Wagg. “It’s a satirical look back on the four years that seemed like my entire world, where most of my responsibilities and goals were involved in this building that I went to everyday. I perhaps put more weight on certain things that didn’t require it, with teachers constantly stressing the importance of a University education.” 

Adds Wagg: “There’s nothing wrong with planning for what’s next. I’m personally quite terrible at looking into the future and planning it out, so my hope is that this song inspires a feeling of contentment with where you are right here, right now.” 

We can get down with that, even in this pandemic age. Fire up “Seventeen” below through Spotify or the lyric video on YouTube.