Nightly get in a van going nowhere on ‘you should probably just hang up’

Photo Credit: Zach Pigg

Back before the pandemic era, a true right of passage for any young band was to get in a van and take the music out to the masses as far as it could go. But with travel restrictions in place and no signs of live music coming back, those vans are sitting lonely in driveways, lots, and garages across the country. Nightly, however, have a good use for theirs: A new music video.

The Nashville alt-pop trio penned their latest track “you should probably just hang up” while in quarantine, and while the song is inspired by a friend’s failed relationship, the video vibe feels perfect for this modern day. It was shot and directed by Nightly’s longtime creative collaborator Zach Pigg.

Says Nightly vocalist Jonathan Capeci in a recent interview: “The idea for the video came from a nightmare Joey [Beretta] had of having to rehearse on the way to a show because we were running late. Since we can’t tour and play shows at the moment, it just felt right to get in the back of a van and jump around for a few hours.”

Feels good, looks good, sounds good. The Nightly way of doing business.