Korine draw us closer to pop bliss on magnetic new single ‘Fate’

Press photo

It’s no secret that Philadelphia electronic-pop duo Korine are one of our favorite projects making music these days, and we’ve gushed over everything of theirs — from 2018 modern synth-pop masterpiece LP New Arrangements to their string of captivating livestreams during the pandemic age.

This week, Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye have excitedly peeled back the veil on their forthcoming sophomore LP, The Night We Raise, released September 4 in collaboration by Born Losers Records domestically and France’s Data Airlines. The first offering from the album is a delectable fire dance called “Fate,” and it suggests more greatness to come.

At the heart of Korine’s music is a raw vulnerability, Ramone’s open-diary lyricisms of love and longing floating blissfully over Frye’s sharp, bright-light production work, and “Fate” has the same type of flowery magnetism we’ve come to appreciate from the pair. It feels heavier and more layered than their previous efforts, but it’s instantly memorable — fans noted it immediately when it premiered a few weeks back via livestream — and should vault Korine to even more widespread acclaim.


Spark it up below via the official music video, complete with visuals by collaborator Deyzi Visuals, and pre-order The Night We Raise here.