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almost monday offer a break from our daily routine on ‘Come On Come On’

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There are many things to love about the great city of San Diego: The Hillcrest and La Jolla areas, The Casbah, drinking at Knotty Barrel and Half Door Brewing Co., and the Padres long-awaited return to rocking beautiful brown uniforms. Now we can add another gem to the list, a wonderful buzz heard all the way across the country here in Boston — the bright sounds of almost monday.

The indie-pop trio with a penchant for lower-case letters drop a boisterous new tune today (May 29) in “Come On Come On,” and it’s all about breaking the mold and blasting free from the tiresome rigors of daily life.

“We wrote ‘Come On Come On’ before quarantine, dreaming about getting a break from the craziness of jobs, school, or whatever you’re doing,” almost monday say about the track. “Little did we know… we’re hoping this song will be a pick-me-up for people going through tough times.”


It certainly will help soundtrack some much-needed positivity in our lives. Give in below.