LPX puts her impatience on pause for new tune ‘Delayed Gratification’

Photo Credit: Remy Lagrange

Of all the quarantine-born music released this spring, LPX might have summed up everyone’s communal irritation best with a single quip: “I’m not naturally patient.” The solo project of Lizzy Plapinger shared its newest single “Delayed Gratification” today (May 27), a song penned as “a soundtrack to the great pause we all find ourselves in.” There’s an underlying theme of frustration at play, of course, but Plapinger lets the sun brim through the chorus, making the best and brightest situation out of the months-long standstill we’ve been subject to since March.

Via “Delayed Gratification,” LPX makes it clear that if has to play the waiting game, she’s still taking her bouncy pop game with her. Press play below.