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L Devine gives us the real shit with an alt-pop bop in ‘Don’t Say It’

Via Facebook

We’re living in dark times, but the alt-pop explosion is still as colorful as ever. Charli XCX is hustling deep on lockdown, Kim Petras is cruising Malibu, and now L Devine has stepped up to deliver a sparkling bop that shines like springtime ambition. It’s called “Don’t Say It,” and it finds the rising British singer coming correct with a track about dismissing false hope in a relationship. When the bass crushes and rises back up to skyscraper heights, L Devine (born Olivia Devine) drops a lyrical gauntlet: “Oh, I want to believe it / Don’t say it if you don’t really mean it / Don’t lie, give me the real shit.” We can only sit back and nod. We might even stan.