Bowery Boston unveils digital coloring book for its music venues

We’re all missing out on the communal and therapeutic aspects of live music right now, and there’s a sad reality that during the worst depths of these miserable times, we can’t just go to a show and commiserate with our friends and family. We’re missing our rock clubs, especially; the safe havens we all retreat to in order to feel like ourselves, to see our friends’ bands, to see our favorite bands, to see all the bands.

Bowery Boston’s venues are a huge part of the city’s live music scene (even though we’re now down a room in Great Scott), and you could say they all add a certain color to our lives. Now, the booking agency wants fans to add some color to their clubs, via a pretty cool “Live In Color” digital coloring book posted Monday afternoon (May 11).

Print them out and go old school with pencils, markers, and crayons, or download them and use iPhone’s ‘Mark Up’ for some mobile coloring action.

Includes in its four PDF sheets are black and white illustrations of the The Sinclair’s distinct Harvard Square marquee and its subway tile interior wall; a look from the back balcony onto the Royale stage and a packed floor down below; and the classic awning and exterior of Allston’s Great Scott, complete with cute rats nibbling on some pizza down by the patio railing.

Get the sheets here, or click on the tweet below.