Sir Babygirl invites all to be a ‘Cheerleader’ in a high school musical


We just haven’t been the same since Sir Babygirl first sent us an invite to a “Haunted House” back in November 2018. Since then, we’ve seen the New York-based, Allston DIY scene-bred alt-pop singer-songwriter blossom as a person and performer, wowing us at Brighton Music Hall and double-wowing us with last year’s debut album Crush On Me.

This week, the artist born Kelsie Hogue is back with a new invite, and it involves transporting back to high school, free from all the drama and bullshit that kept us from being our true selves. In her the video for “Cheerleader,” a delicious slice of electronic-pop from last year’s LP, Sir Babygirl is the scene queen we wish we had.

“This video is for any queer person who wishes they could reclaim their high school experience and enjoy exploring their sexuality without guilt or shame,” Sir Babygirl states. “Here’s to building the world we don’t want to just survive in but get to be our whole entire ridiculous fucking selves in, both within the music industry and outside of it.”


We have no choice but to stan.