Robyn brings us together once again with another DJ set this Friday


We’ve all experienced our fair share of misery during the ongoing pandemic, which will forever be known as an obscenely sad time in our lives.

But for a little over an hour back on April 17, Robyn helped make the world a happier place with a DJ set for the ages. Now, the Swedish electronic-pop superstar is delivering another mix this Friday (May 8), busting out another heavy-thump dance party just when we need it the most.

“I’m going to try to make you feel better with my tea trolley of funk,” Robyn writes, “and another DJ set… Tune in to Konichiwa TV.⁣⁣⁣⁣”

Things go down in Boston at 4 p.m. EDT, with a pre-show starting at 3 p.m., hosted on Robyn’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter, so make sure you’re finished with work early. And if she busts out Erasure’s “Always,” like she did last month, feel free to come find us in the corner, dancing by ourselves, sobbing with equal parts joy and sadness.

Robyn DJ set, April 17:

1. “Do your Best,” John Maus
2. “I wish u heaven,” Prince
3. “Gradient,” Choker
4. “Break 4 love,” Raze
5. “Chez A.,” Untitled
6. “Basic cut,” Kevin Over
7. “Honey,” Avalon Emerson
8. “OAR003-B,” Oni Ayhun
9. “Always,” Erasure
10. “Babe we’re gonna love tonight,” Lime
11. “Purple Music,” Prince
12. “Monument,” Olof Dreijer
13. “Hyper seconds,” Lone
14. “Got her own thing from Sweden,” Kindness
15. “Move on up (extended version),” Curtis Mayfield
16. “Idontknow,” Jamie xx