Hinds tackle what it’s like to be a girl in a band on ‘Just Like Kids (Miau)’

Photo Credit: Keane Pearce Shaw

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Even in a pandemic, people are still out here telling people how to live their lives. And no matter what situation the world is dealing with, dudes will always be ready to give unsolicited and unwanted advice to women in bands. Hinds have certainly heard their fair share of sexist remarks slung their way, and now the Madrid guitar-pop band’s new track “Just Like Kids (Miau)” addresses the bullshit head on.

“‘Miau’ is a cocktail of all the comments and ‘advice’ we’ve had to listen to during all these years in the band,” Hinds state. “From random strangers, ‘friends,’ and industry. Oh wait… the guy sitting next to you in the bus probably has an opinion too! If you wondered how does it feel to be a girl in a band, here you go.”

This new track, a noisy, washed-out jolt bouncy alt-pop Hinds have become known for, continues to shape their forthcoming album The Prettiest Curse. It hits June 5 via Mom + Pop, and we’ve already heard a triple play of awesome singles in “Riding Solo”, “Good Bad Times”, and “Come Back And Love Me”. We’re starting down some heavy Album of the Year vibes so far, if we’re being honest.

Also, take note: Hinds have rescheduled the dates of their spring North American tour. Included in the new batch of shows is a November 6 appearance at ONCE Ballroom in Somerville (GoFundMe), a gig that was originally planned for May 15.

We can’t wait.