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Hinds are back and perpetually on the move with ‘Riding Solo’

Photo Credit: Andrea Savall

We’ve experienced 337 days in this blessed year of 2019 so far, and only today (December 3) are we hearing a new tune from Hinds. So color us excited as we welcome the Madrid band back into our hearts and playlists with galloping guitar-pop tune “Riding Solo.”

“Feeling lonely is one of the most common human feelings, right?” Hinds ask in a press release. “Well, being a musician doesn’t really help. Your whole life is constantly moving and the only thing that remains is yourself. And dealing with yourself, oh gosh, we all know how boring and angering that can be. ‘Riding Solo’ is about this. About us. Perpetually on the move, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Surrounded by strangers most time of the day, being nine hours time difference from our people and what we call home, living and dying por y para la música.”

Prove to Hinds they are never truly alone as we traverse this modern world by hitting play on the Spotify embed below, or feast your eyes on the single’s Keane Pearce Shaw-directed video.


Viva Hinds.