Lord Felix brings more hope to Brockton with ‘Bad Bwodie’

Photo Credit: John Hutchings for Vanyaland

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There’s something about Lord Felix’s new tune “Bad Bwodie” that absolutely glides. Press play on the Van Buren member’s new track, released earlier this week, and the slinky beat that greets you sets a booming but chilled tone that ricochets off Felix’s flow.

The Brockton rapper’s non-stop verses pulse through the two-and-a-half minutes of “Bad Bwodie” (“bad brodie” with a Caribbean accent), but there’s one line that stands out from the rest: “I give ’em all hope.”


Reminiscent of fellow VB artist Saint Lyor’s instantly-iconic quip “I give bitches hope like my first name was Obama” from “Gossip,” the repeated line from “Bad Bwodie” is an encouraging, confident shout-out to other young people from Felix’s home turf.

“That was pretty much a line for our younger Brockton fans,” Lord Felix tells Vanyaland. “I just want ’em to know that they could do it, too.” Coming from an artist with three EPs, one album, and one Boston Music Award, all from 2019, it’s an uplifting message, indeed.

Tap in to his message below.