Quarantainment: Adam Sandler pens a COVID-19 anthem on ‘Fallon’

Via Screengrab

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Quarantainment, Vanyaland’s new series on what to watch, what to hear, and how to deal as the world engages in social distancing to combat the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19. We’re all at home, we’re all online, and we’re all in this together. #StayTheFHome

While it’s certainly a first-world problem in these crazy times to admit how much we miss the energy of late-night television hosts like Jimmy Fallon, it’s true. But Fallon isn’t letting social distancing get in the way of keeping his fans entertained, and late last week, Adam Sandler lent a helping hand, with the help of his Ibanez guitar, to keep spirits high.

Bringing his legendary comedic songwriting abilities to Fallon’s Zoom-executed show, the Sandman strummed a tune to pay tribute to the doctors and nurses who continue to work tirelessly on the front lines to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In addition to the heartfelt admiration, Sandler — in true Sandler fashion — also crooned his sadness about not being able to hug his mailman, as well as his own certainty of how bad it is for America that he’s teaching his kids math while schools are closed.


Check out the full song below.