Blue Wednesday: Choir Boy actually pulled off a solid April Fool’s joke


Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, and society pretty much came together about a week ago and agreed that any sort of tomfoolery or ballyhoo would be frowned upon as we all struggle to get through the ongoing pandemic. No one was in the mood, and hey, who could blame them?

But now that we have a day to look back on it, we do have to tip our caps to Choir Boy, Adam Klopp’s Salt Lake City-based synth-pop project. Klopp actually pulled off a pretty good April Fool’s Day prank by remixing New Order’s iconic ’80s track “Blue Monday.”

“Hi! I hope everyone is healthy and safe!!” Klopp tweeted. “I’ve been at home trying to stay busy! I wanted to share a remix I made of New Orders classic song ‘Blue Monday!’ I hope you enjoy! Please share with your friends and family and see what they think too!”


Even Choir Boy’s label, Dais Records, got in on the fun, tweeting: “This @choirboyslc NEW ORDER remix goes hard. Blue Monday like you’ve never heard it before. dont sleep.”

When the listener fired up the remix, posted to Klopp’s Soundcloud, well… hit the link and see for yourself. It took us here at Vanya HQ a few solid full minutes before we suspected what was up. We got a good chuckle out of it, and it certainly helped cut through the tension and dread that’s been clouding each and every day.

And hey, all this gives us a nice excuse to tell you that Choir Boy’s new album, Gathering Swans, is out May 8 via Dais. Check out the video for lead single “Complainer” after the Soundcloud jump.