The 2020 Rock and Roll Rumble has been postponed

Scott Murry for Vanyaland

If it seems like just yesterday that Boston received the Rock and Roll Rumble’s “Class of 2020” announcement, it’s because that’s not far from the truth.

This past Wednesday (March 11), Boston Emissions shared the roster of bands that would be competing in the 2020 edition, but as of yesterday (March 15), this year’s Rumble has been postponed.

The announcement came on the heels of Governor Charlie Baker announcing a new order that prohibits gatherings of 25 people or more, which is effective until April 6. ONCE Somerville, the host of the Rumble, also announced this weekend that the venue would be temporarily closed until further notice. Both measures are cautionary, aiming to slow and prevent the spread of the current COVID-19 outbreak.


“I do not see us having a Rock & Roll Rumble in April,” reads a statement on the Rock and Roll Rumble Facebook page from organizer Anngelle Wood. “Yesterday, I thought it to be irresponsible. Today, I find it impossible. There is just too much at stake.”

The preliminary rounds of this year’s Rumble were due to start the week of April 9, and wrap up on May 1. New dates for the annual Boston rock competition have not yet been announced, but it is confirmed that the Rumble is merely postponed and not cancelled for this year.

“We will have a #RUMBLE2020,” the statement adds. “You can count on it.”


Read the complete statement from the Rumble here.