Lady Gaga’s new single ‘Stupid Love’ has landed in nu-disco style

From Lady Gaga's Instagram

If you thought Lady Gaga’s Joanne lead single “Perfect Illusion” laid down some serious nu-disco, we have news for you: Her new tune “Stupid Love” takes things one step further and rips the disco ball from the fucking ceiling to swing it around like a medieval mace (kinda like this)

The long-awaited new song and accompanying music video landed at midnight (February 28), revealing a campy and colorful sci-fi theme for Gaga’s next era.

It’s worth noting some of the visual’s quirkiest features (besides that pink, spike-laden belt Gaga dons) — not only was the entire video shot on an iPhone 11 Pro, but it was also directed by Daniel Askill, who is known for his work with Sia on the two-billion-views masterpiece “Chandelier.”

The moniker “Chromatica” also comes up twice in the video — once in the beginning and again at the very end – leading fans to speculate that it’s the name of her forthcoming record.

Regardless, LG6’s arrival is clearly imminent, considering longtime collaborator Bloodpop has been posting increasingly revealing photos of him “finishing / mixing” a new project, including one snap that features both Gaga and producer BURNS.

Give Gaga all your stupid lovin’ below.