Dreamers fire off an alt-pop ‘Heat Seeker’ to find the truth


In a relatively short period of time, DREAMERS have amassed a pretty impressive arsenal of alt-pop hits, including glossy sonic screamers like “Screws,” “Wolves (You Got Me)” and “Sweet Disaster.” Now as we swan dive into the weekend on this winter Friday (February 28), the Los Angeles-via-Brooklyn band fire off another certified jam in “Heat Seeker.”

It’s a thumping scorcher of a tune that should sound fantastic when DREAMERS play Boston Calling in May. As we wait, the track’s music video, shot in one take and directed by singer Nick Wold, gets us in the mood.

“’Heat Seeker’ is a song about being lost and searching through life, searching for a better way, searching for the truth, searching for a higher meaning and a good time,” Wold says. Of the visual, he adds: “I had always wanted to do a ‘one-shot’ video, so there are no cuts or CGI at all and we pulled off the whole three-minute performance that you see. It was definitely an insane undertaking and we built the whole thing ourselves and filmed it over just two days. We’re changing clothes and switching lights, there’s a fire guy blasting the explosions on the beat, and our touring guitar tech Jesse is dressed in an all-black skin suit pushing the shopping cart on his knees. We finally got it all right on the last attempt of the day. It felt like a summer camp obstacle course to me and was an insane rush when we finally got it all right.”


Join that rush below.